Cathy is the founder and owner of Starfish Swim School. She has been teaching swimming for over 24 years having been involved in competitive swimming all her life. Cathy’s speciality is stroke development; stroke correction and junior squad training although she is experienced in teaching all ages and levels. Cathy also spends part of the year in Mozambique where she co-runs a swimming program called Nemos Pequenos (Little Nemo’s) as part of a marine conservation initiative.


Starfish Swimming School was founded in Midrand in 1999 by Cathy Cronje. Having been involved in competitive swimming since she was a little girl and with over 22 years of teaching experience behind her, Cathy has developed her own style of teaching over the years.

At Starfish we believe in teaching the correct technique from day one all while having FUN! Ensuring proper teaching of the basic skills such as being comfortable with the face under the water, getting a good ‘feel’ for the water and having the correct body position are essential and will help later on when stokes are taught. We also focus on teaching proper breathing technique from the start with a gentle but firm approach. Ensuring that the child is relaxed and streamlined in the water, and does not “fight the water” is very important. If the groundwork is not taught correctly, this makes the learning of strokes difficult when the time comes.

“The water doesn’t know your age.”

– Dara Torres