Monthly payments are to be made via debit order only. Download the debit order mandate HERE.

Cash payments are accepted for fees paid 4 months in advance.

Registration fees and the first month’s swimming fees should be paid in cash on the first lesson. Thereafter fees to be paid via debit order.

A registration fee is charged upon joining or rejoining the school. Pupils who swim through winter will be exempt from this. Should you stop or take a break from swimming for any amount of time, this registration fee will be payable again.

Please ensure that you receive a receipt for all cash payments.

The annual increase in swimming fees is effective from 1st September. Pupils who swim through winter (including June, July and August) will swim at discounted rates for 12 months commencing from September. This discount only applies for the full year if you swim continuously for that year.

In December, January and all other school holidays, the full months swimming fees are still to be paid even if you/your children are not attending lessons.

Starfish Swimming School will be closed for 2-3 weeks over Christmas and New Year and for one week in winter. We sometimes will take less leave over December in order to break over other holiday periods, e.g. the Easter holidays. Fees are still payable for this period. Our annual paid leave equals 20 days per annum including Saturdays.

All charges for RD cheques or bad payments will be for your cost and we reserve the right to institute legal action in respect thereof.

The swimmer (participant), their parent / guardian agrees to pay all charges including legal fees which may arise in the event that legal action and/or other action is taken by Starfish Swim School to recover any fees or amounts due, including but not restricted to, collection commission, whether action is commenced or not.



Membership shall continue for an indefinite period subject to one calendar month’s written notice, (ie notice is for the end of a month) or one month’s fees in lieu of notice to be paid on leaving the swimming school. All notices must be in writing and must be e-mailed to starfishswimschool@hotmail.co.za, no later than the 7th day of your last swimming month. Late notices will NOT be accepted.

Notice will NOT be accepted for END of November as we cannot fill your spaces during this time.

If your child is dropping from 2 lessons per week to 1 lesson per week, a minimum of 2 week’s notice is required for this, especially going into winter as we do need to be able to plan and budget accordingly.


Missed lessons will NOT be caught up except in special circumstances and only if sufficient notice is given to the school. Lessons cancelled due to lightning will be rescheduled.

It is courteous to let us know if you will not be able to make a lesson. Please do this whenever possible, preferably via text / Whatsapp.

The school is closed on public holidays. Those lessons missed due to a Public Holiday will not be caught up.


Pupils with long hair or hair treated with oils are requested to wear caps.

No parents or other persons are allowed in the pool area during lessons. Parents may watch the lesson from the viewing room or from the glass doors only, or wait under the boma during lessons. Please do not sit in the pool room while lessons are in progress except in special circumstances when you are invited to do this.

Children may practice quietly in the pool for a maximum of 10 minutes before or after their lessons so long as there are not too many people in the pool and they do not interfere with pupils doing their lessons. In summer this ‘playtime’ may be in the outside pool as long as it is not in use for lessons.

It is the parent’s responsibility to watch their children at all times before & after their lessons. Accidents happen quickly and safety should be our main concern. Teachers won’t be held responsible for pupils outside of their lesson times.

Swimmers may NOT be in the pool outside of their lesson time if their parent or guardian is not present to keep an eye on them.

There is to be NO running around, or unassisted diving or jumping into the pool.

Children using the pool who are not potty trained are to wear aqua nappies.

Please park parallel to each other so that there is space for other cars.