Swimming schools have been given permission to re-open with stringent protocols and regulations in place. Although some of these measures may seem extreme, they are necessary for our school to operate with minimal risk of spreading the virus. We may be subject to inspection by government officials at any time, so please help us by heeding to our regulations. These are set up to not only protect you, but also us the staff, and other clients at our school.

All teachers have admin staff have received certificates in Covid-19 employee awareness training.

One of the benefits of swimming is that the virus is not able to survive in properly chlorinated water (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/faq.html#Water).  However, the virus can still be spread by contact with other persons while in the pool. For this reason, Starfish have set in place measures to limit contact with swimmers and to ensure that there will be adequate distancing.

  • Smaller groups. For now, we will limit groups to between one and three swimmers per group. Regulations suggest that in the event of bigger groups, there should be sufficient space between swimmers. Due to the size of our pool, this should be easily attainable as time goes on.
  • There will only be one teacher in the pool whenever possible. Should there be 2 teachers in the pool, teachers will make sure to keep the groups distanced from each other.
  • Teachers will be wearing a face shield throughout the lesson.
  • We will be practicing hands-free teaching as far as possible.
  • Unfortunately, no hugging.
  • Please explain to your children that they will need to keep space between themselves and other children in their class and in the pool.
  • Sneezing is common when in the pool. Please teach your child to sneeze into their elbow and not into the teacher’s face.
  • All tissues and wet wipes used for blowing the nose are to be disposed of in biohazard buckets only.
  • Unfortunately, swimmers may no longer have play/practice time before or after their lesson. However, the teacher may integrate playtime into the lesson.
  • Parents may not be in the pool room whilst lessons are in progress.
  • Various waiting areas are available while your child does his/her lesson. If possible, please wait outside. You can view your child’s lesson through the glass doors if need be.


  • Only enter the property 5 minutes before the lesson to ensure that there are minimal people on the property at any one time.
  • Only one parent/guardian may accompany a swimmer to their lesson
  • All persons are required to wear face masks while on the property, except when in the pool.
  • Clean/sanitized baskets will be available at the entrance to the pool. Please take one of these to put your clothes/towels/bag in while you swim. When done, leave the basket at the drop off point before the exit so that they can be sanitized before being used again.
  • Please make your way to the office for a quick temperature check. Let us know if you are experiencing any symptoms. We are required to keep a record of this.
  • When possible, arrive (and leave) already dressed in your swimming kit to minimize time in the change rooms.
  • The change rooms will be sprayed down with disinfectant solution in between each use. If the curtain is open, this means that the change room is ready for use. Please leave the curtain closed when you leave so that this can be sanitized for the next person.
  • Please put your face mask directly into your bag when you take it off. Please do not let the face mask touch any surfaces of the changing area.


  • Chlorine levels will be kept slightly higher than usual as an added precaution against the virus.
  • Prior to re-opening, the school will be fully sanitized/fogged by a professional and certified company.
  • A hand sanitizer will be available at the front gate for you to use before entering. Hand sanitizer will be also available in the viewing room.
  • Spray disinfectant solutions will be available in the bathroom, changerooms, and waiting areas.
  • All surfaces in the bathroom, changerooms and desk area will be sprayed with a sanitizing liquid every 30 minutes to 1 hour while lessons are in progress.
  • Swimmers will have their own set of equipment for the lesson and these will all be sanitized before being used again.
  • The general areas of the swim school will be sanitized every 24 hours on days that lessons are in progress.
  • The sliding doors leading into the pool room will be left slightly ajar to avoid touching of handles and increase ventilation around the room.


https://forms.gle/FFnYFyEGBNhMSCVe8 Venue code GPJ118

You will also be required to fill in an online consent form specifically pertaining to swimming at Starfish during the Covid-19 pandemic. This consent form supplements the standard registration contract when joining the school.