• Payments are to be made in advance by the 1st of the month.
  • Payment options are via debit order or cash in advance for 4 months. We do not accept EFT’s or cash deposits into our bank account.
  • A registration fee is charged upon joining or re-joining the school. Pupils who swim through winter will be exempt from this.   Should you stop or take a break from swimming for any amount of time, this registration fee will be payable again.
  • When joining the school, your payment for registration and the first month’s fees is to be made in cash. You should receive a welcome gift with this payment.
  • Please ensure that you receive a receipt for all cash payments.
  • The annual increase in swimming fees is effective from 1st September. Pupils who swim through winter (including June, July and August) will swim at discounted rates for 12 months commencing from September. This discount only applies if you swim continuously for that year.
  • Starfish Swimming School will be closed for 2-3 weeks over Christmas and New Year and for one week in winter. Fees are still payable for this period, even if you/your child is not attending lessons due to the holidays.  Our annual paid leave equals 20 days per annum including Saturdays.
  • We employ the services of an outside agency to collect unpaid fees. Any extra charges levied will be for your account.


  • Membership shall continue for an indefinite period subject to one calendar month’s written notice. All notices must be in writing and must be e-mailed to admin@starfishswimschool.co.za, no later than the 7th day of your last swimming month. Late notices will NOT be accepted.  
  • Notice will NOT be accepted for December.
  • 2 Weeks’ notice is required when changing from 2 lessons per week to one lesson per week


  • Lessons missed will not be caught up. In certain circumstances we do try to help, however will only consider this if you let us know well in advance that you were not attending.  In the case of extended absence (more than 1 month) we will catch-up 2 of every 4 lessons missed.
  • Lessons cancelled due to lightning will be rescheduled.
  • It is courteous to let us know if you will not be able to make a lesson. Please do this whenever possible, preferably
    via SMS.
  • The school is closed on public holidays. Those lessons missed due to a Public Holiday will not be caught up.


  • Pupils with long hair or hair treated with oils must wear swimming caps.
  • No parents or other persons are allowed in the pool area during lessons. Parents may watch the lesson from the viewing room, or wait under the boma during lessons. Please do not sit in the pool room while lessons are in progress except in special circumstances when you are invited to do this.
  • Children may practice quietly in the pool for 5-10 minutes before or after their lessons so long as there are not too many people in the pool and they do not interfere with pupils doing their lessons.  In summer this ‘playtime’ may be in the outside pool as long as it is not in use for lessons. Any playtime is only under constant adult supervision. That means that your eyes are on the pool and not on your phone. Accidents happen quickly and safety should be our main concern.  Teachers will not be held responsible for pupils outside of their lesson times.
  • There is to be NO running around, or unassisted diving or jumping into the pool.
  • We discourage the use of goggles during learn-to-swim unless recommended by a doctor for medical reasons.
  • Children using the pool who are not potty trained are to wear aqua nappies.
  • Please be considerate when parking and park diagonally so that more cars can fit in.